Q: What will happen to my old door if you fit a new one ?

J&J Garage Doors pride themselves on a job well done and will clean up completely after the installation of the new door, including removing the old door and disposing of it appropriately and responsibly.

Q: Do you have your own door fitters or is your work contracted out ?

J&J Garage Doors have their own team of fully qualified fitters and joiners.

Q: Can I get a spare or additional hand transmitters ?

Yes. We sell a wide range of spares and accessories.

Q: How can I protect and colour my Timber door ?

Timber doors are finished in a base coat or stain of your choice. However, you may find that you may need to re-stain the door every few years to maintain the finish and protect the wood.

Q: Will an automatic door fit my flat-roof single-bay garage ?

Yes. Because they are tailor-made for each individual garage opening, a automatic garage door will fit virtually every situation. Why not check how your garage measures up by contacting us today for a no-obligation free quotation from one of our local design consultants.

Q: What type of Garage Doors can you supply ?

We can supply and install most types of garage door including the simple 'Up and Over', Sectional and Roller doors. Many styles are available in both Metal and Wood. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Q: Can the door be painted ?

Most metal doors come in a primer finish which is suitable for painting although most people leave them as they are. Wooden doors can be painted or treated as required.

Q: How do I operate my automatic garage door ?

Automatic garage doors can usually be operated by a number of methods such as remote controls or key switches. Call us for more information.

Q: How do I maintain my garage door ?

Most garage doors will give many years of trouble free operations with just a few simple steps.

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